Faster flowing, meandering rivers with good rapids and pools interspersed; rivers with confluences, where the composition of water changes and the temperatures are just right, are our main objectives. Waters, surrounding which animal and bird life are abundant; waters in which marine life is as close to being intact as possible, are what we seek. We know well how the local population puts pressures on marine life and influences it in so many ways and it is for that reason we go as deep into the wild as we possibly can with our clients. Aquaterra hunts with you for ideal angling waters.

We run expeditions on the following rivers:

  1. Alaknanda (Uttarakhand) 
  2. Beas (Himachal Pradesh)
  3. Bhagirathi (Uttarakhand) 
  4. Chenab (Himachal Pradesh)
  5. Debang (Arunachal Pradesh)
  6. Ganga (Uttarakhand) 
  7. Kali/ Sarda (Uttarakhand) 
  8. Kamala (Arunachal Pradesh)
  9. Kameng (Arunachal Pradesh)
  10. Lohit (Arunachal Pradesh)
  11. Narmada (Madhya Pradesh)
  12. Saryu (Uttarakhand) 
  13. Siang (Arunachal Pradesh)
  14. Sutlej (Himachal Pradesh) 
  15. Tons (Uttarakhand/ Himachal Pradesh) 
  16. Uhl (Himachal Pradesh)
  17. Subansiri (Arunachal Pradesh)
  18. Teesta (West Bengal)
  1. Karnali/ Ghagara
  2. Seti

*Enquire about our “Regular Expeditions” for these rivers!

For any and all enquiries OR if you and your ‘fishing buddies’ wish us to run another river and customize a special expedition for you,

Angling Expeditions in Uttarakhand with Aquaterra