India’s best winter experiences: Condé Nast Traveller India

India’s Best Winter Experiences: Chadar Trek | Condé Nast Traveller India

Bundle up for a brutal and beautiful walk across Kashmir’s frozen River Zanskar. Used by locals to travel between Leh and Zanskar, the walk has now become a tourist attraction. It’s thrilling and incredibly dangerous, but the stark landscape is also stunning, with nothing around for miles except walls of ice almost 2,000ft high around you and vast stretches of ice underfoot. Sign up for an 11-day trip with Aquaterra Adventures.

Auden's Col Trek - Feature by Arun Nair | ChaiStops

The Relentlessness of the Auden’s Col Trek by Ashok Nair | ChaiStops

It was about seven years since my last trek into the mountains. Yes, I had gone whitewater rafting down the Brahmaputra but then other than it being an outdoor adventure, there was nothing in common with a trek. A trek is different. Mountains have a different aura about them. There’s an aloofness, a solidity, a sense of permanence about them that nothing else in nature provides.

Art on a Break: The Hindu

Art on a Break – The Hindu

While treks are one of the best ways to escape city life, they are also a great place to teach your child to appreciate nature through creative activities. Ask them to draw, paint or even make a collage of the leaves, rivers, insects and animals they see around them. Children love to identify different cloud shapes, and a journal is a lovely way to capture memories of the camp fire, the tents and all the little things that make the trip special.

Best Adventure Travel Companies Around the World -

Best Adventure Travel Companies Around the World by The Travelling Mom

While the act of travel is on hold for many of us during this challenging time, the dream of travel remains alive and well. Despite the current worries and stress, it can be helpful for our mental health to think about and plan for better days ahead. Personally, I’m finding pleasure thumbing through my back issues of National Geographic magazine and scrolling through landscapes on Instagram. All in the name of fulfilling my future travel plans.

Because I believe that the new normal, whatever it looks like, will allow for our travel dreams to become reality again. The question is, will we be ready?

The Aquaterra Team

An Important update by the Aquaterra Founder

Despite the huge economic impact of the Coronavirus, we want to remain cognizant of the huge public health challenge this is, and we hope you are all doing everything to reduce the spread and reduce pressure on the system. Please practice safe distancing to protect our elders and those with low immunity within our community.  We hope this will bring the adventure industry together, closer than ever before.

Stok Kangri - Banned

India’s Stok Kangri Peak to Close for 3 Years: The Adventure Tourism Industry Reacts

One of India’s highest trekking peaks, Stok Kangri will be closed for the entirety of 2020-22. The Outdoor Journal reached out to the Indian adventure industry for comments. On Friday 6th December, The Outdoor Journal received news that Stok Kangri, the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalaya, in Ladakh, Northern India, would…