River & Mountain Guide

Kaudiyala boy Harendra has rafted Ganga and its tributaries in addition to climbing challenging peaks in Uttarakhand and Ladakh.

Anup Rana

Mountain & River Guide

A highly experienced mountain guide and an equally skillful river guide from Pauri Garhwal, consult Anup for advice on adventure gear.

Assistant Operations Manager

A mountain lover and an MBA in Marketing by education, Rishwa works as an Assistant Operations Manager at ATA. His work involves handling bookings, modifying the website and coordinating with the social media team. You might also find him helping out at Camp Bagi and as your trek guide on a trek occassionally. Connect with him to book a trip.

Netra Kirthwal

Head of Accounts

Netra heads the accounts and financial management verticals at Atali and Aquaterra. Neck-deep in accounting and financial auditing since 2005, Netra has worked in diverse sectors such as audit, export and telecommunication.

Chandan Nugyal

Mountain & River Guide

A veteran in the Himalayan Region, Chandan has climbed, rafted & travelled more than a serious adventurer can aspire to in a lifetime. His love & knowledge of the Himalayan valleys

Kim Hartlin

Visiting Mountain & River Guide

Runs ThunderBow Expeditions in Banff, Alberta, but is out each year running trips and guiding groups in the Indian Himalayas. An outstanding trip leader, he has travelled throughout the country

Manoj Rana

Mountain & River Guide

Shy-guy Manoj is most comfortable when he is on the water. Being a raft guide and a safety kayaker he is also a keen angler.

Sanjay Rana

Mountain & River Guide

Belonging to Sarasu village, India’s first village as far as raft guides go. Sanjay is one of the most experienced raft guides in the country today. He has been part of several big saves in the Himalaya and has delivered, each and every time.

Vikas Rana

Mountain & River Guide

Has been guiding since 2007. Belonging to the Uttarkashi region in the Garhwal Himalaya, the outdoors comes naturally to him. In his guiding span, he has already experienced India’s vast mountain regions, and is an invaluable part of the team.

Sanjay Rana

Mountain & River Guide

An ace kayaker and a raft guide he is one of the youngest kids on the block. Guiding since 2008 he has already paddled all major rivers in the Himalayas.