Our Angling Expeditions can basically be put into three categories:

  1. Regular – Type 1 (Short & Long Duration Expeditions covering many river kilometers)
  2. Regular – Type 2 (Shorter Duration, location-based, fixed camp experiences)
  3. Customized (‎Made to order!)

There are a few typical seasons that we like to stick to and these are:

  1. Spring/ Summer (Early March to Late June)
  2. Late Summer/ Autumn (End August to Mid November)
  3. Early & Late Winter (End November/ Early December & Late February)

River water levels greatly determine our accessibility and the equipment to be used (expedition weight). The colouration of the water (due to snow melt and/ or rain) often influence angling success. Water temperature and barometric pressure variations add to the overall complexity, as most anglers will know and have experienced. And, very specifically, in our climatic zone, the monsoon rains determine much of what we can do, just as much as these rains determine the primary predatory fish – the Mahseer’s — migrations to spawning grounds in rain fed rivers/ streams. Other predatory fish such as the Trout are a somewhat different ball game.

Welcome to India’s massive sub-tropical and temperate zone just South of the Great Himalayan Mountain Range, where most of the rivers we access flow.

Welcome to an experience that gets you as close as one can in our time to the days of the journeys undertaken by the great explorers of the world. We’ll make you lose track of time. A few days into the expedition and the sun will determine your behaviour. You’ll feel nature and thoroughly enjoy that bonding in most tranquil surroundings with Aquaterra Adventures.

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Angling Expeditions in Uttarakhand with Aquaterra