Camp Junga

Quick Facts

Season: Jan - Dec | 01 to +07 Days

Highest Altitude: 1524 M | Temp: 10* - 35 * C

Difficulty: EasyMost of our camp based trips, with easy activities, that are optional and involve fairly easy travel. Trips may include short hikes of two to three hours or optional walks at low elevations. Includes less demanding whitewater trips with easy support and myriad options.

No of Tents: 20 | Double or Triple Occupancy

Located at an altitude of 5100 feet, Camp Junga is nestled in a dense Pine forest surrounded by waterfalls and greenery. The camp offers challenging trekking trails and rock faces that add to an adventurous experience. 

The Ashwini river and smaller water bodies around the camp add to the charm of being in the wilderness. Our camp is close to Shimla and Chail.

Location: 350 kms from Delhi and 110 kms from Chandigarh.
(approx. 8 hrs drive by car from Delhi)

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Camp Junga in Himachal Pradesh

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The Essentials

Accommodation at Camp:

Choose from:

  1. Deluxe Tents (24*12 ft) with attached toilets/baths.
  2. Standard tents (10*12 ft). Toilets/baths are located in a separate block. Each tent is allocated a toilet/bath for their personal use only.

Each tent is furnished with 2 single beds and a table. Mattresses and quilts are provided.
All toilets have Western-style WC and you will find the spaces clean & hygienic.
Hot water is available throughout the day fueled by hammams and gas geysers (0ur staff will assist you in this).

Overall Experience:

Staying in a camp is to be staying in the luxury of nature. It is a different experience than staying in a hotel or a resort. Here the emphasis is on simplicity and providing basic comforts rather than frills. You will find nature in abundance! Our staff is from nearby villages; they are trained to make you feel at home and take good care of you. Being in the wilderness, there is no television or newspaper. There are no shops or markets nearby, hence do carry all essential items (refreshments, batteries, medicines) you need for your personal use.

How to reach us:

Location: 350 kms from Delhi | Google Maps Location
Nearby town: Chandigarh – 110 kms, Shimla – 42 kms, Solan – 30 kms
By road: 10 hrs drive from Delhi

Adventure Activities at Camp:

There are many fun and adventure activities you can enjoy around the campus.

Complimentary Activities at Camp:

  • Trek to Peacock Point (2 km)
  • Visit to Water Stream (Drive – 15 min)
  • Archery (on camp)
  • Rifle Shooting (on camp)
  • Board games (on camp)

Paid Activities at Camp:
An outdoor instructor with the necessary equipment will be provided for these.

  • Day hike
  • Rock Climbing & Rappelling
  • Rope Course (Low and High elements)
Facilities at Camp:

We have:

  • Fully functional kitchen.
  • Covered spaces for meetings and discussions
  • Large sit out spaces
  • Variety of interesting board games
  • Music in the common area
  • Common dining area
Please read before you book:

When you wish to visit us, do take the trouble to find out where you are headed! Our Camps are set on a hillside in the middle of a Reserved Forest Area, and it is a thorough privilege to be so close to nature. We adhere strictly to eco guidelines of no bright lights, no loud music, meal timings and no campfires during the fire season. We do not have room service. We provide you with a clean tent with beds to sleep in, healthy meals each day and a fun day of activity. If you wish to visit us, come with the purpose of living in the Himalayan valley surrounded by Reserved forests away from city life, for the call of the barking deer, or the midnight roar of the leopard; not for creature comforts that we take for granted, coming from the city. It will help you enjoy your holiday better, and we appreciate guests who realize this opportunity to commune with nature.

  • All tents and beddings will be sanitized before the arrival and post-departure of the guests.
  • Luggage of guests will be sprayed/whipped down with disinfectant before being transported to the tents.
  • All food material will be properly washed and dried before storing (non-packaged ingredients with saltwater and
  • packaged ingredients in soap water).
  • All common areas are sanitized twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • All activity equipment is sanitized and stored after use.
  • The kitchen will be sanitized before the preparation of every meal.
  • Toilets and washbasins are cleaned and disinfected at intervals of 3 hours during the day.
  • Washrooms will be disinfected once to twice a day depending upon the occupancy and usability.
  • Sanitizers will be made available at all common areas for use.
Temperature Checks:

Any person entering the camp (staff, guests and delivery) will be checked for temperature. Camp staff temperature checks will happen twice daily.

Masks & Gloves:

It is mandatory for all to wear masks in open and common areas. Our staff members will use plastic/nitrile gloves at all times (while cooking, chopping and serving it is mandatory).

Please note:

Our commitment is to put people and their wellbeing first. Guests should familiarise themselves with the basic prevention practices that are applicable while traveling and in their daily lives. In addition, we also request all guests to adhere to Covid-19 safety measures and keep in mind the above while packing for the trip.


A question easy to answer, you may wonder, in an age where adventure travel is apparently booming. Varying costs are available and there is no shortage of operators willing to run your trip. This is possibly the most important decision for you to make, after you have chosen to take on an adventure trip.

An Experienced Team

Our team of guides has years of experience of travel throughout the Indian Himalaya, from running rivers to leading treks – from the barren Zanskar to the tropical rainforest of Arunachal Pradesh. They speak English, have completed graduate school, are current with First Aid and CPR certification and form the most experienced guiding team in the country today.

Value for Money

The prices of our trips provide a high value for money returns. They are priced to keep our standards high and your trip, smooth. Cost usually is a deciding factor for many a trip, but for an adventure trip, the deciding factor should be confidence in your operator. We combine high operator confidence with a pricing balanced to give you a trip to remember.

Best Equipment

Equipment on all our adventure travel trips matches worldwide standards. On treks, we use 4 season 2-person tents, which can withstand the harshest weather conditions, and keep you dry and protected from the elements. Outfitter wings accompany all mountain trips for dining under.

Great Food

Our staff is trained in hygienic preparation of meals and offers a great variety of food on an outdoor trip. Good equipment, food and guides is what makes an outdoor trip an experience to savour.



Join us for a trip of a lifetime, if you crave for some high end adventure!

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We strive to create the best trips possible for you, with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service and a commitment to protect and preserve the cultures and environments through which we travel. Get in touch with us to plan your next holiday


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