Comfort Series

Treks, river rafting and kayaking trips taken to your comfort zone. We’ve been in the outdoor business for a while now and as much as we love it in the wild, we know how draining it can be. That sense of feeling invigorated while your body aches in places you didn’t even know had muscles – is far too familiar to us. The comfort series are trips that make the outdoors a bit more hospitable.

Is the Comfort Series for you?

Whether you’re venturing on your first trek and don’t know how you’ll handle not showering for a week or a seasoned adventurer looking for a quick trip that doesn’t make you hit the bed for 2 days after – the comfort series are for you.
If you’ve been enjoying the comforts of life for far too generously and don’t know how your body will cope with 6 hours of activity daily, then we equip you with a personalised training schedule, three months before the trip starts.
If you’ve found yourself spending your vacations away from friends and family, who want nothing other than a week spent in a resort while you prefer roughing it out in the wild – the comfort series are for introducing them to the great outdoors on the off chance that they might just love it. The camp cots, spacious tents, unlimited baggage, heat pads for those cold nights, restaurant quality food and scalding hot showers will undoubtedly help take the edge off.
If you think the outdoors are a big unknown, needing the absolute best in safety and rescue back up for you or your family’s outdoor venture, then our experienced, certified guides will take care of it all. Trained to be a Wilderness First Responder in line wth the most rigorous International Standards, we equip our guides with pulsoximeters, Gamo bags, walkie talkies and a personal locator beacon to be prepared for every eventuality.
On the subject of our guides – Your guide will be fluent in English and Hindi, knowledgeable in the flora, fauna and cultural and geographical history of the area and someone you can have a long conversation with while looking out onto the setting sun. If you prefer your knowledge come from more traditional sources – our portable library will definitely have something you can bury your nose in.

Grading of Trips:

We have graded our trips in four different categories and you should choose one that suits you the most. Grading of each trip has been done keeping in mind a lot of factors like the trip duration, the altitude, the terrain, the no. of hours of activity every day, temperatures and conditions encountered, and the level of fitness needed. Any kind of exercise which gets you fitter before this trip is advisable, as it will enable you to enjoy the region more.

Easy: Most of our camp based trips, with easy activities, that are optional and involve fairly easy travel. Trips may include short hikes of two to three hours or optional walks at low elevations. Includes less demanding whitewater trips with easy support and myriad options.

Moderate: Active trips involving hiking over reasonable terrain, within vehicular access, upto elevations less than 4000 meters, or trips with long walking days, multiple rafting days, wilderness camping. Includes more demanding whitewater trips with Class III rapids.

Demanding: Hiking and trekking to elevations exceeding 4000-5000 meters, away from vehicular access, over multiple days. Encompasses demanding whitewater with Class IV rapids.

Challenging: Our most demanding trips include climbing at high elevations in excess of 5000 meters, in remote and extreme conditions with no access to roads; trips to remote, extreme wilderness; mountaineering trips, and demanding whitewater trips with Class IV-V rapids.

What we offer

This trek combines very well with a couple nights rafting on the Ganga. Our activotel, Atali Ganga which offers rafting, kayaking, hiking, climbing, yoga, birding, and a very unique high ropes course. Book your extension at Atali Ganga or at Camp Aquaterra
  • Delicious Indian, Continental and Chinese Meals and fresh coffee
  • Beverage served with Dinner
  • Spacious Tents with LEDs (no more scrounging around with a headlamp)
  • Inflatable mattresses designed for comfort
  • Camp cots to keep you insulated – take your shoes off with great comfort!
  • We attempt to offer you a warm showers every two days
  • Solar powered charging stations in the Dining Tent
  • English speaking guide
  • Small library stocked with books related to the region.
  • 1:1 trekker to staff ratio
  • All guides Certified Wilderness First Responders
  • Walkie Talkie
  • AC Innova vehicles for all transfers

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