Dhruv Naresh Rana

Dhruv Naresh Rana

Mountain & River Guide


A keen raft guide and safety kayaker with over 16 years of experience, he has represented India in competitions in China and India. Rana as he is fondly called, oversees Aquaterra’s operations and ensures guests return happy and hungry for more. Rana as he leads trips as a safety kayaker, raft guide and trek leader, and has run all major Indian descents. Dhruv has been on several major hiking and river trips, and has run more whitewater than most people do in a lifetime. Whether it is hiking up the frozen Zanskar river in Ladakh in winter, climbing the 6000m plus Sudarshan, walking the frozen Chadar, or guiding his raft down a 30 foot crest on the Siang river, Rana is comfortable in his environment.

He is the quintessential outdoorsman, skilled, experienced and puts a high premium on safety and the smooth running of any Aquaterra expedition. After the Karnali river in Nepal, he recently lead the first open commercial descent of the Pindar river, said to be one of the most challenging runs in the Himalaya. Dhruv has also lead a first descent from Nacho on the Subansiri in India’s remote north east and has also led numerous expeditions on the Tons River.

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